We would like to introduce you to our team of wonderful people who share the same passion for being "A Force for Positive Change". They have contributed and dedicated their time, knowledge and energy into organizing an exceptional event for you. They are one of our greatest strengths to ensures the success of this event!

‚Äč It has been "A Journey Beyond Limits" for all of them

Alexey Kopein - Chairman

Chantal Lie Tjauw - Co-Chairman

Harsh Kumar - Head Of Marketing

Nikhil Sebastian - Finance Officer

Kartik Reddy - Lead Speaker Liaison

Heriet Lee - Speaker Liaison

Gisella Falkenbach - Speaker Liaison

Sonali Chaurasia - Speaker Liaison

Heejin Kim - Speaker Liaison

Parasuram Ramanathan - Venue Officer

Sherry Hernani - Venue Officer

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