Maurice Taylor

Design your Future

Maurice's talks will take you on a journey how the past empowers the future. Highlighting where we are and where we could be soon. Taking into consideration how generational use might change the outlook and why this is a big opportunity to design our future the way we want it to be.

Maurice Taylor is an industrial designer currently working on how to make people move faster in the sportings goods industry. "Life requires movement". Being a designer by trade he is passionate and relentlessly dreaming about the future.

Iris Casteren van Cattenburch

Making decisions with Shakespeare

What if William Shakespeare, the famous early modern English playwright, can help you make long-term decisions with a positive impact?

Iris Casteren van Cattenburch explains the effectiveness of allegory and how Shakespeare can be applied to topical business challenges today. She is a communications strategist and an entrepreneur, holding a PhD in Shakespeare and Sustainability from Utrecht University (2015)

Arvid Keemink

Enabling new steps with Exoskeletons

Although walking feels natural and easy to most of us, simple task of keeping balance and walking are actually complex processes. Designing an exoskeleton that can support versatile walking and feel natural to the user is therefore a challenging problem. By doing research and developing state-of-the-art exoskeletons, we are pushing technology to the limit to make paralyzed users walk again.

Arvid Keemink is assistant professor at the department of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He is specialized in the control of exoskeletons that support movements of the human body.

Arwen Smit

Blockchain-based identity could save democracy

Winds of change, technologically and geopolitically, are sweeping across the world. Institutions respond by remaining rigid, eroding. This has far-reaching consequences, touching even democracy itself. Blockchain-based identity could turn the tide.

Arwen Smit founded several blockchain companies, including DOVU and MintBit. She believes that decentralized technologies will be the foundation of new economic and political models. She writes and speaks about blockchain internationally, is an advisor to Tomorrow's Journey, and mentor to female entrepreneurs at RSM, LBS and Berkeley.

Toby Newman

Remember Jurassic Park?

Becoming a father, Toby has put some thought into imagining what his daughter's world will look like and how all of us play a crucial role in shaping it. His talk will cover the real cost of scientific advancement, and if these advancements are actually worth it.
"What kind of a future are we making?"

Toby Newman is a Lead Learning & Development Lead in a leading technology company. His goal is to take you on a thought-provoking journey in which you have to ask yourself: just because science allows you to do something, did you stop to think if it should be done?

Matthieu Campion

Self-driving cars - a killer... or a life-saver?

‘Autonomous Driving’ has the theoretical potential to save lives. However, before that superiority is established, a lot of testing and scaling up will need to happen. Accidents have already happened, and will happen again. No loss of human life is ever justifiable - but it is sometimes, sadly, unavoidable. We can learn how to turn this around and limit the risks!

Passionate about technology and its impact on people and the way they live, Matthieu Campion spent his 15-years career in the automotive industry, either working for car manufacturers or technology suppliers. He is especially interested in the role of cars in our lives, and how our perception of these products is fundamentally changing with the computers increasingly taking the wheel.

Rodolfo Groenewoud-van Vliet

Art is the answer

Artists have a different mindset. Those who are involved in artistic prototyping are offering solutions to the biggest problems of our time. They are acting as accelerators for innovation and offer reflections on our fast-changing high-tech society, showing us the potential impacts of technology from ethical, social and legal perspectives. The moment has come to harvest the potential of art to realize the radical breakthrough innovation can create.

Rodolfo Groenewoud – van Vliet is co-founder of In4Art, an organization that creates space for artistic experimentation and translates this into responsible innovations that will benefit our future society and economy.

Jan-Peter Doomernik

It's unimaginable, but buildable

Imagine how shocked a CD shop-owner from the year 1995 would look if you share with him that you have unlimited access to music through Spotify. For him it is crazy, for you it is normal. In this talk we are going to explore the possible disruptions of tomorrow by combing the narratives we cannot imagine in the world of today. With new elements in technology, we can build it, but we do not yet fully understand it.

Jan-Peter (JP) Doomernik is a serial co-creator, exploring disruptive powers that will be beneficial for our society. Playing with paradigms, asking crazy questions and building the unimaginable are his biggest passions.

Maaike Hakker


What if 3 hours of traveling can be reduced to 30 minutes? What if transportation can be four times more efficient? What if distance will not be a limiting factor anymore? This is the future I am working on.

Maaike Hakker is a girl in the world of technology and she is passionate about the future of transportation. She is part of a team that is inventing one of the newest ways to move people and goods around. She is working with cutting edge technology: high speed energy efficient frictionless transportation.

Ananda Groag

Art is the answer

Freedom has been the promise of the automobile for the past 100 years. Has it delivered on its promise? Where are we at today? Let's take a closer look at our own habits and ideas when it comes to efficient transport and freedom.

Ananda Groag is passionate about how we move. She believes mobility is the network through which we connect to the rest of the world, not a mere question of getting from point A to B.
She is an independent expert in smart, sustainable and shared mobility who wants to invite people to open their minds and think outside of their fixed patterns. We are all in the driver seat to transform our own worlds.

Bart van Riessen

Eating avocados

When you last bought some avocados from the supermarket, did you consider what troubles those went through? We no longer wonder about getting fresh fruits from Peru, furniture from China and meat from South Africa. However, in a few years, some of our infrastructure will be so heavily used, that it may become clogged.

In his talk, Bart van Riessen will share an idea of what can be done to prevent his, such that society can continue to depend on goods from around the world. He works for works for Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT), responsible for the development of digital information services for the container supply chain. He worked on integrated transportation services, while working on his PhD research on the same topic, called synchromodality.

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